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Welcome to ip tuning.

Here you can find hacks, tips and tricks and best practices are shared between Network engineers.

We built this page as a knowledge base. If you want to contribute, please ask one of the administrators for access.


These are some of the tools I've developed to help me in my daily work. Feel free to grab them and use them and change them. Just follow the GPL.

Name Description Platforms
csc - collaboration SRV check Checks if the SRV records for a given domain (default is own domain) are configured.

Generates a list of found SRV domains and checks if TCP ports are open.




Logocisco Want to retrieve the original logo from the binary blobs for the 7905/7912 phones?

Use this tool to get them back.

pbp - phone background pusher Push background images to phones associated to a particular user in CUCM. CUCM


PHP Wake On Lan A PHP tool to generate a Wake-On-Lan packet to wake-up computers in your network.

Tested with a Synology and the page was developed for mobile device screens

Preplogo Pick a base image.

Generate images, thumbnails and directories for various phone models



SimpleEMT A very simple Extension Mobility login JavaScript app.

Allows to remote login/logout users of phones.

SimpleIPPS A very simple Phone Screenshot grabber tool.

Grab the screenshot of a phone using this JavaScript app.



toASCII When creating BAT files for import, populate the ASCII fields with their equivalents.

The function does a simple 1:1 substitution.

Checks if the character is code is >128 and searches for it in an array.

Replaces it with the same code on the replacement array.

ubr - UCOS backup reporter Generate reports on your DRF backups.

Checks if the backup files are present and reports if the latest backup is expired.





XMLbackgroundpush Very simple JScript tool to push backgrounds to the phones CUCM


Quick reference

Find some quick reference tips for your daily tasks.

Name Description Platforms
7912 Factory Reset 7912 Factory Reset key sequence Phones
ATA Firmware conversion How to convert ATA devices to SCCP image ATA
AXL AXL interface for Administration and Serviceability CUCM



Captures How to make packet captures on various Cisco and other devices IOS
Daylight Savings Time How to quickly configure Daylight Savings Time in the IOS gateways IOS
Full Factory Reset Full factory reset key sequence on the 79XX series phones Phones
IM Integration How to change the IM provider in Windows Jabber


IP Phone Diagnostic Messages Guide on getting diagnostic messages Phones


ISDN trunks How to configure ISDN trunks IOS
Logos and Background Images How to create backgrounds for various phone models Phones
Other tools A list of various tools to use in UC environments.

Most are free and/or OpenSource.

REST REST tips and tricks. Mostly CUCM UDS CUCM
SSO Configure SSO in browsers Firefox
TFTP over HTTP How to access your CUCM TFTP files over HTTP. CUCM
Transfers How to transfer files to/from/between Cisco devices CUCM




Unix Time How to convert Unix Epoch time to Excel Date format. Various
Useful Translations Useful translations IOS
Voicemail ID Manipulate the way your Voicemail connection is displayed in your phone's screen CUCM



Here are some configuration guides that were necessary at some point. Hope they're still useful to someone!

Name Description Platforms
Banner Learn how to make a big letter banner on UC web based products.

Allows to overcome the limitation of variable width fonts.




Additional info

Additionally, other areas of interest might be also added... Suggest if you will!


If needed you can Contact us!

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