ATA Firmware conversion

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ATA Firmware conversion

An ATA with H.323 firmware does not automatically upgrade when connected to a Callmanager server. You can force an upgrade using the firmware tool sata186us.exe.

When you run the tool with the desired firmware, the application instructs you to press a key sequence on the ATA (actually is the upgrade prefix and your computer's IP address) so the ATA can download the firmware from your computer:

C:\iptuning\>sata186us.exe -d3 ATA030204SCCP090202A.zup
sata186us version 3.1

Using Host: tunewagon with IP: as upgrade server
This machine IP:
Upgrade Server Port: 8000
Data stream 0 port: 8500
        image found: code -- ata186.itsp2.v3.2
Number of 1024 blocks: 274 

Using dialpad of your telephone (attached to your ATA box),
press ATA button to go to main menu, and enter:

        100#192*168*254*5*8000# (to upgrade code)

Pressing 123# will announce your code's version number.
You can later verify that you have upgraded your ATA box.


This program runs continuously; Press <ctrl>-c to abort.
Upgrade server ready...

Please wait for the ATA do download all the firmware from your computer before hanging up the phone or the upgrade might fail. You can safely hangup when you see that all the blocks have been uploaded.

After it upgrades, you'll hear an IVR message indicating that the firmware upgrade was successful. If you hanged up the phone it will ring to play the message! Neat!