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AXL uses SOAP as a communications medium between CUCM and a configuration agent.

AXL Bulk Service

To access the AXL interface, the URL is:


Access to the AXL resource always requires authentication. The user (application or end user) must have AXL access.

When proper authentication is provided, a simple browser access shows the following:

Cisco CallManager: AXL Web Service
The AXL Web Service is working and accepting requests. Use HTTP POST to send a request.
AXL resources and API descriptions can be found at Cisco DevNet developer's site:


The WSDL for AXL Web Service needs to be downloaded from the plugins page in CUCM. It's not supplied by the server in real-time (still don't know why). In Serviceability, the WSDL is provided by each service.


CUCM serviceability uses AXL to connect. Currently there are two interfaces:


This is the old Real Time service URL:


It is deprecated in the newer versions.

You can still get WSDL information from this services:

  • RisPort70
  • AdminService
  • Version
  • SOAPMonitorService
  • RisPort


This is the current way to access real-time data:


The following services and WSDL information are available:

  • RISService70
  • RISService
  • AdminService

You can get additional information on the API at Cisco Devnet: