Full Factory Reset

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Full Factory Reset (Recovery Process)

Apparently there is a another full factory reset on the 7911 (I've only tested on a 7911, but I guess it works on any Java phones). Besides the now common <power> + # <wait for mwi blink> + <release #> + 1234567890*0# combination, there is this other combination:

  • If powered, unpower the phone;
  • Press the # key and power up the phone (PoE - insert Ethernet cable, non-PoE, insert powerbrick plug);
  • Wait until MWI light starts flashing;
  • Release the # key;
  • Press 3491672850*# ;
  • Phone screen goes blank.

Apparently this erases all the phone. Screen goes blank but phone is still doing basic TFTP. Wait about 5~10 min. Then standard upgrade screen appears. Then the phone starts the normal upgrade process.

This method is useful if any VLAN or certificate configuration is trapped inside a phone that was configured with "Settings Restricted".