IP Phone Diagnostic Messages

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Diagnostic messages

Newer phone models

In newer models, you can see diagnostic and boot messages on the web page of the phone.

ATA 186/188, 7905/7912

On the 7905/7912, like on an ATA, you need to configure the nprintf server string so the phone sends it's diagnostic messages to a kind of syslog server.

Run prserv.exe on your PC. The default port is 9000. Configure the 7912/ATA to send to the prserv.exe in the web page (SCCP firmware generally doesn't allow you to do this) in the format ip address.port. For instance if your prserv.exe is running on a machine with the IP address and you don't define any port, the string should be like

The 7912 can also be configured to send to the prserv.exe server using a custom firmware configuration file created with cfgfmt.exe. You need to set the nprintf string and generate the gkdefault file or the gkmacaddress for a specific phone.