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Free tools

Here's a list of free tools that can help you with IPTelephony:

  • TranslatorX
    • Free: Replaces the ageing 3Combo. Supports multiple protocol, graphical breakdown. Very good.
  • Notepad++
    • Free: Feature rich advanced text editor.
  • Triple Combo (3Combo) Appears to be dead
    • Free: Decodes traces from Callmanager and IOS. Good for Q931 traces
  • GnuWin32 tools
    • Free: Lot's of tools like wget, grep, etc...
  • 7-Zip
    • Free: Support tar and tar.gz files, as well zip, rar, etc...
  • TFTPD32
    • Free: TFTP, DHCP, etc... excellent tool for a lab.
  • freeFTPd
    • Free: SFTP server for new appliance based OSes
  • PuTTY
    • Free: Lightweight SSH, Telnet and Serial terminal.
  • Wireshark
    • Free: Make your own captures. Decodes voice streams.
  • Paint.NET
    • Free: Retouch your logos!
  • Audacity
    • Free: Edit MOH and ring tones
  • VideoLAN
    • Free: Open strange audio formats and codecs
  • PicPick
    • Free: Screen captures (includes***scroll capture**!!)
  • RealVNC
    • Free: Use RealVNC Free to access 3.x and 4.x CCM consoles
  • Sysinternals
    • Free: A bunch of very useful utilities
  • CDBurnerXP
    • Free: Excellent CD Burning program
  • ImageMagick
    • Free: Manipulate images. Command line utilities. It's used with [ipphones:logos:preplogo]
  • MD5 Sums
    • Free: Check the MD5 sums of those big downloads from Cisco
  • XMing
    • Free: Open X Server for Windows - useful for managing remote Linux/Unix machines
  • Core miniSFTP Server
    • Free: Excelent mini SFTP server, ideal for quick SFTP instalations
  • XML Notepad
    • Free: Very good tool to edit XML documents

Commercial programs

  • Microsoft Excel
    • Excellent tool to use with BAT; OpenOffice is an excellent alternative
  • FastStone Capture
    • Lightweight screen capture tool. PicPick is an alternative
  • SecureCRT
    • Feature rich, lightweight, excellent protocol support, UNICODE, ZModem. You can use PuTTY for about 90% of your daily needs.