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When connecting to Voicemail, sometimes is desirable that users don't see the voicemail number on the connection screen:

Unity-VoicemailID-With Number.png

With both SCCP and SIP Cisco Unity integrations this is easily configurable.

SCCP Voiceport Integration

With SCCP voice ports, there is hunt-pilot/hunt-group that routes voicemail calls to the voice ports.

When calling voicemail, the displayed name can change during the call (the number, however, is always the hunt-pilot's number) whether the call just reached the hunt-group or is connected to Unity in a voice port.

If you wish the name to be consistent (like Voicemail) and not to show the voicemail DN, simply apply this in CUCM:

  • Define the same Alerting Name on both the Hunt Pilot and the Internal Caller ID Display on the voice ports to Voicemail.
  • On the Hunt Pilot set Connected Line ID Presentation to Restricted

SIP Integration

With SIP integration, CUCM just routes the call to Unity using a route pattern. The setup for number and name presentation must be done solely in Unity Connection.

  • On the Port Group Basics, if you don't want the number to be displayed, just leave the Contact Line Name.
  • On the Port Group Advanced Settings, you can now set the Remote-Party-ID to Voicemail.

If you leave both Remote-Party-ID and Contact Line Name values empty, only the route pattern number will be shown.


On both scenarios, when connecting to voicemail, it will look like:

Unity-VoicemailID-Without Number.png