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XMLbackgroundpush - Push backgrounds to Cisco IP Phones

   Copyright (c) 2010 by William Bell <wjb[at]netcraftsmen[dot]net>

   Original code: http://netcraftsmen.net/blogs/entry/pushing-backgrounds-to-a-cisco-ip-phone-using-xml.html

   Additional changes Copyright (c) 2011 by Manuel Azevedo <azevedo.manuel[at]gmail[dot]com>

Version 0.1 - 29th February 2012


This tool allows for administrators to push backgrounds to the IP Phones in an automated way.


  • Windows Machine – the script is in Jscript – that can reach the phones to update;
  • A server with an HTTP server the phones can reach (so the phones can download the background and the thumbnail) – can be the same machine or another one;
    • Put the background and thumbnail file in the server and make sure they are accessible via URL (example: http://xx.xx.xx.xx/8961/background.png). Please test before deployment;
  • The phones to update the background must have the same CUCM end user associated to them (example, create a new one called ipphone for example, just to be used with the script);
  • Phone personalization must be enabled in CUCM;
  • The background and thumbnail for each phone model.


  • The script does not validate the phone model – please make different scripts for different phone models
    • In other words, run the script each time for each model number, adapting the background and thumbnail accordingly
  • The script outputs its result to a text file – only way to know it finished is to check for the indication on the log
  • This method does not prevent users from changing their background image – use restricted access to settings to background changes if you don’t want the user to change the background

Configuration steps

  1. Configure phone personalization in CUCM
  2. Add the phones to a CUCM end-user - required for authentication to work
  3. Add two images (thumbnail and full background - see Cisco's docs for correct size of the model of your phone) to a web server. Make sure you can access these images with a web browser and that the phones can reach this web server
  4. Configure the in the script:
    myuserid, mypassword Username and password (clear text) of the auth user
    myphoneliststr IP addresses of the phones to be updated (comma separated)
    thumbnailurl The URL of the thumbnail PNG file
    backgroundurl The URL of the background PNG file
    outputfile The name of the file to output debug data
  5. When running the script, the output file will be generated and stored in the file defined by outputfile. When the string --- *** FINISHED *** --- appears at the end of the file, the script has finished execution.

Sample configuration parameters are on the file xml-background-push.js.


Windows JScript file